Yonggang Sex Power Capsule

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  • Usage:

This capsule is always consumed before meals. You can consume 1-2 capsules in a day.  It may dangerous to take more than two tablets.

  • Benefits:
  1. It will reduce your extra sweating problems
  2. It will transform your short penis into a long hard and thick
  3. It resolves all of your erection dysfunctions like premature ejaculation
  4. It will prolong your stamina on the bed
  5. It also increases the erection period to give great pleasure to your partner
  6. It is made of natural plants sl
  7. No side effects on your body



  • Product Description:

To fulfill men’s erection needs we are introducing a new product  Yonggang with the best quality insurance.  It will improve the capacity of men to perform best during intercourse. It is produced with natural ingredients like Epicedium, Chinese yam, Schisandra fruit, Poria and ginseng, etc.  It contains vitamins and amino acids that make a man more powerful.


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