X40 Bathmate Pump

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  • Benefits:
  1. Visibly increase the size and diameter of the male organ up to 7-9 inches
  2. Reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence
  3. Improve the quality and duration of erections
  4. Increase blood supply to the male organ
  5. Increase libido and sexual power
  6. Deliver 92% satisfaction
  7. Safe, reliable, and powerful penis pump
  8. No side effects



  • Product Description

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme forms it more than ever for users to maximize the results of their genital organ pump workout. Specifically, after about a month of regular use, you will observe a gain in erection hardness as well as a better experience of personal confidence.

Bathmate X40 Pump is a powerful genital organ extender to visibly gain the size and circumference of the genital organ. Its high-pressure vacuum pump creates pressure that boosts blood supply to the genital organ to maintain harder and long-lasting erections. It is specially designed to cure problems of erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation without causing physical side effects. Incredibly extend the size of your genital organ, and confidence with Bathmate X40 Pump.


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