Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick In UAE

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  • Ingredients of Vagina Stick

– Talcum Powder

– Pearl layer powder

– Bifan Powder

– Borneol

  • How To Use

_ Follow the given below instruction for the usage of the Vagina Tightening Stick:

_ Wash your hand and vagina with water

_ Insert 5-6 cm into the vagina

_ Now let it stay inside the vagina for 15-20 seconds

_ Then release slowly

  • Benefits of Vagina Stick
  1. Clean vaginal environment
  2. Eliminates toxins from the vagina
  3. Help to keep hydrated
  4. Helps to feel again like a virgin
  5. Boost up libido and sexual desire
  6. Firms and tightens the vagina
  7. Give strength to vaginal muscles and tissues
  8. Improve blood circulation
  9. It returns the vagina to its original shape
  10. Relieve internal vaginal discomfort and irritation
  11. Stimulates female hormones and delays aging



  • Product Description

To tighten up the vagina this stick is very effective without any surgery. Vagina tightening ensures to get pleasure from a healthy sexual relationship. It helps to increase sexual enjoyment. This tightening stick enhances the elasticity of the vaginal walls. It helps to the feeling of gone tightness.


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